Journey Healthcare provides exceptional mental and behavioral health treatments for clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on offering accessible, ethical, private and sincere services that make a difference in your quality of life. It’s our goal not only to see our patients get well but to stay well.

Working hand in hand with you to support your mental health needs and goals, we address behavioral health issues with targeted treatments and therapies. Using an evidence-based approach, we track outcomes to know what works for each patient. We provide a full range of treatments including, but not limited to: CBT, DBT, EMDR, Gestalt, Gottman Method Counseling, , Family Systems Theory, Solution-Focused and Trauma Therapy in Pittsburgh.

Services Offered

Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling with the caring therapists at Journey Healthcare provides objectivity to situations that are emotionally involved. We provide an environment that leads to self-inspection and insight building. Working hand in hand with our therapists, you can change behavior or thought patterns; become less defensive; improve mood and outlook; increase motivation and so much more. We specialize in grief, trauma and adolescent counseling.

Family and Couples Therapy

Whether you want to improve relationships among your family or between you and your partner, our therapists work with you and your loved ones to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses relationship issues and growth. Using proven methods, we foster change in close relationships by improving communication, providing conflict management strategies and more.

Group Therapy and Educational Seminars

Group therapy is often beneficial for people dealing with a range of conditions, from ADHD to depression, anxiety to eating disorders, PTSD and more. Participating in group therapy builds bonds and relationships with others with similar experiences. Helping others and sharing strengths with the group boosts self-esteem and confidence, while sharing feelings can help relieve negative feelings of guilt, pain or stress.

Many of our group sessions are specialty, education-based seminars. We provide a comfortable, inclusive setting to help groups focus on a specific topic, encouraging growth and coping strategies.

Life Coaching

Want to enhance your decision-making skills, find your path in life and recognize and manage emotions in a healthy way? Life Coaching from the caring, expert staff at Journey Healthcare can transform your life for the better, helping you improve your careers, relationships and everyday life. Whether you seek out a life coach to navigate a specific challenge or obstacle or you need help discovering your purpose, life coaching can help you transcend your current situation and start down the path of the life you want.

We often recommend life coaching in conjunction with individual therapy, especially since these two areas overlap but have very different purposes. It can be helpful to work with a life coach as well as a certified therapist to focus on healing and treating mental health conditions. Using a multi-specialty approach, we help patients work through issues from their past and present, setting them on a path to a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Journey Healthcare is your partner in mental health and well-being

When you’re ready to take the first step toward better mental health and wellness, Journey Healthcare is ready to help. Our caring, compassionate, discreet and professional staff works with you to create a comprehensive care plan to address your unique needs and goals. Call us today at 412-668-4444 to request your appointment!