Suffering from treatment-resistant depression (TRD)? Dealing with lingering depressive symptoms due to major depressive disorder (MDD)? Journey Healthcare is proud to offer Ketamine Therapy in Pittsburgh—a revolutionary form of physician-directed, evidence-based treatment that’s not only fast-acting, but also highly effective in providing sufficient relief for symptoms of depression.

Ketamine Therapy in Pittsburgh

Journey Healthcare offers SPRAVATO® Ketamine Treatments that work much differently from other antidepressants. By targeting NDMA receptors, Spravato is the first FDA-approved nasal spray medication for TRD, a condition that affects 33% or more of people suffering from depression.

Ketamine Therapy with Spravato doesn’t take weeks or months to take effect—in many cases, patients experience relief almost instantly. No longer will you have to suffer through months of side effects and lingering depression symptoms before determining if Ketamine Treatment is right for you as benefits often appear within just hours and peak mood elevation occurs within 24-36 hours of treatment.

How successful is Ketamine Treatment? Ketamine offers a very high success rate, with 50-70% of patients reporting reduced or eliminated severe depression symptoms, compared to the lower success rate (40-45%) for traditional antidepressants. It’s clear that Ketamine therapy works fast and often.

How Ketamine Treatment works

What makes Ketamine such an effective treatment for severe depression? Ketamine increases levels of glutamate—the most abundant neurotransmitter in the brain and central nervous system. This element aids in learning and memory, regulating your sleep-wake cycle and provides energy for the brain. It also aids in sending chemical messages between nerve cells.

Another important function of glutamate is for supporting another important neurotransmitter in the brain: gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. GABA is the calming neurotransmitter involved in sleep, relaxation, anxiety regulation and muscle function.

What to expect from Ketamine Treatments at Journey Healthcare

Journey Healthcare provides science-based Ketamine Treatments, considering your past and current mental health needs to determine whether Spravato is right for you. If Ketamine Treatments can provide benefits for your situation, we monitor your response to treatment and how stable your response is. Initial treatment lasts 8 weeks, followed by a review from our staff to determine the appropriate dosing frequency based on how you feel.

On treatment days, you’ll administer the Spravato nasal spray in a comfortable environment at our office, under the supervision of your treatment provider. Integration is a vital component of working with Ketamine, so we encourage patients to reflect and act upon lessons and intentions during treatment. Following an integrated approach to psychiatry, we can increase the impact of the medicine with somatic activities that help patients nourish their mind, body and spirit.

Experience the healing benefits of Ketamine Treatment at Journey Healthcare

Looking for immediate, lasting relief from symptoms of severe depression? If you’ve tried therapies, medications and other treatments and have yet to achieve the relief you need, Ketamine Treatment may be right for you.

Clinical use of psychedelics like Ketamine can create positive, sustainable mental health outcomes that many patients never thought possible. From reducing depression and anxiety to improving a sense of connection with others, Ketamine can provide a full range of benefits that can help you live a better life. Call us today at 412-668-4444 to schedule your initial consultation.

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