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Vivitrol Moon Township PA

Journey Healthcare is the best choice for drug rehab in Moon Township PA. Our new office on Steubenville Pike is the perfect, private, professional medical office for you to finally end your addiction to heroin or Oxycontin and get your life back. Click to Call Journey Healthcare at (412) 668-4444 What is Vivitrol? Vivitrol Is the […]

Opioid Dependency in Moon Township PA

Click to Call Journey Healthcare at (412) 668-4444 At Journey Healthcare we offer Suboxone Detox and Treatment for individuals with an opioid reliance. Ordinarily, the vast majority are unequipped for leaving an opioid compulsion, and they require a restoratively oversaw detox by means of a Suboxone Detox and Treatment. Stopping “cold turkey” has a difference achievement […]

Suboxone Treatment in Robinson Township (near Pittsburgh Airport)

In the greater Pittsburgh area, there are several choices for heroin rehab, and other drug rehab facilities.  Many of them, however are far from western suburbs like Robinson Township, McKees Rocks, Crafton, and Imperial. Journey Healthcare is right in the middle of that area in Robinson Township. Journey Healthcare is the best Suboxone Treatment in Robinson […]

Vivitrol Robinson PA

Many patients who are addicted to opioids, have tried numerous substitute-style medications. This medications such as Methadone and Suboxone are effective solutions for many, many people. But for some people, they fall short of helping the patient finally put the opioid dependency behind them. That’s where Vivitrol may make the difference. Click to Call Journey […]

Doctors Who Prescribe Suboxone in Robinson PA

Click to Call Journey Healthcare at (412) 668-4444 The FDA approved suboxone as a pain killer in 2002 making it available for use soon afterwards.  Since it is a partial opiate (agonist) it is relatively safer than full opiates or agonists. Doctors Who Prescribe Suboxone in Robinson PA for their patients for treatment of opiate dependence, must […]

Suboxone Pittsburgh PA

For people who’ve tried other forms of treatment for their opioid addiction with little success, Suboxone has been an effective alternative. Since Suboxone is an opiate itself, you need a doctor who is specially certified to dispense this drug. Click to Call Journey Healthcare at (412) 668-4444 Where to get Suboxone in Pittsburgh, PA There are […]

Vivitrol Pittsburgh

Vivitrol is a new medication now available to treat both opiate and alcohol addiction. It blocks other opioids from acting on the receptors in the brain and can also help ease drug cravings. Click to Call Journey Healthcare at (412) 668-4444 Vivitrol Pittsburgh: How it works Vivitrol works by blocking the effects of other opioids and […]

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